we model each design for Clients to experience a virtual reality of their Structure prior to construction.   in order to achieve the best investment for your project, we recommend using the full Architectural Services as outlined below:


Architectural Pre-Design will include evaluations necessary to develop preliminary site, floor and 3D massing diagrams for use in design phase tasks. Assessments will be made on existing construction and feasibility of planned design scope that will help identify any potential conflicts or unanticipated cost factors, such as infrastructure capacity and zoning/code issues.  

PD task list:

Existing Drawings - We fully measure property and produce extensive documentation of existing structures (if applicable).

Zoning Review - We conduct a full zoning review which includes property setbacks, coverage, height, zoning use, landscape and parking requirements, etc.

Code Review - We review the exisitng building construction type, allowable area, accessibility, and MEP system requirements.  We provide recommendations on how to achieve code compliancy with fire protection, vertical circulation and area separation walls (if required). 

Diagrams - We develop diagrams to defineprogrammatic areas in relation to each other and with allocated square-footage.  Unix mixes and leasable areas can be charted. 

Surveys - We recommended full Property and Building Surveys, Geo-technical Reports, Flow Tests, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Inspections are conducted to reassure expectations are leveled with existing conditions and budget prior to the commencement of design.

Master Planning / Schematic Design

A Master Plan is the development of site information and program requirements identified in Pre-Design into a comprehensive site plan that considers present and future planning.  This rendered site plan can be used for promotion, marketing, investor and real-estate market reports.

Schematic Design includes a detailed design that will show true floor plan relationships, accurate room sizing, vertical and horizontal circulation and exiting, building elevations and sections.  We will develop a 3-dimensional model during this phase of both interior and exterior spaces to give owner a realistic perspective.

SD deliverable

  • Site plan
  • Architectural floor plans
  • Building sections
  • Exterior elevations
  • Consultant Engineers' Schematic narratives: Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Landscape.
  • 3-D Project Model

Design Development

After the SD plans are approved, we build the project in Revit, which is a 3-D Building Information Modeling System (BIM), and share the model with our consultants. The Design Development phase is where all design decisions (should be) finalized, fully refined and developed.  During this phase we begin extensive coordination with engineers to designate spacial and technical requirements for all the building's structure and infrastructure. 

DD deliverable

  • Site plan
  • Code/Egress plans
  • Demolition plans
  • Construction plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Power & Data plans
  • Exterior elevations
  • Wall sections
  • Interior elevations
  • Door and Window types and schedules
  • Appliance, Equipment, Fixtures and Finish schedules
  • Consultant Engineers' drawings with plans, details schedules, and specifications
  • Outline Technical Specifications per CSI standard divisions of construction

Construction Documents

During the Construction Documents phase, full Contract Documents (Drawings and Project Manual) are generated, which legally define the full project Scope of Work for Permitting, Bidding and Construction.  

The Project Manual is a book compiled by the architect and provided to the contractors for bidding and construction.  It is typically comprised of General Project Information (Geotech report, environmentals, etc.), Bidding Instructions and Forms, Draft Construction Contract Example, Owners General and Supplementary Conditions, Construction Forms (generally AIA), and Technical Specifications.


CD deliverable

  • CIVIL Engineered Drawing Set - plans and details
  • LANDSCAPE Drawing Set - plans and details
  • STRUCTURAL Drawing Set - plans and details
  • ARCH Life Safety Plans
  • ARCH Site Plan
  • ARCH Demolition Plans
  • ARCH Floor Plans and Enlarged Plans
  • ARCH Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • ARCH Finish Plans and Specifications
  • ARCH Partition and Assembly Types and Details
  • ARCH Door, Window, Frame and Hardware Types, Schedules and Details
  • ARCH Exterior Elevations
  • ARCH Wall Sections
  • ARCH Interior Elevations
  • ARCH Stair Plans/Dtls
  • ARCH Elevator Plans/Dtls
  • ARCH Signage
  • MECHANICAL Drawings/Schedules/Dtls
  • PLUMBING Drawings/Schedules/Dtls


Efforts to obtain approvals from all Authorities with Jurisdiction (AHJ) will be performed concurrently with the Design Phases which includes Preliminary Design Review with the State Fire Marshal and engage applicable agencies to review any zoning and code concerns and interpretations. 

During the review period by all relevant agencies, we will review and address permit comments and revise or clarify drawings as required.

Example AHJ List: 

  • Louisiana State Fire Marshal
  • New Orleans City Planning Commission
  • New Orleans Historic District of Landmarks Commission
  • New Orleans Vieux Carre Commission
  • New Orleans Safety & Permits
  • Louisiana Department of Health & Human Resources
  • Louisiana State Department of Environmental Quality
  • Neighborhood Associations

Bidding & Negotiations

We recommend bidding the complete Contract Documents to a minimum of three contractors.  The contractors will use the CDs to determine cost of construction and issue a Bid for the job.  We will be available to clarify any scope and will issue addendum as required. We will review bids, qualifications and breakdowns in detail for comparing and negotiating bids. Once a contractor is selected, they will draft a contract which we can represent the owner along with their lawyer to make sure all language is including desired contractor services, responsibilities and project scope.    

"Value engineering" may occur if the project costs exceed the budget.  This is a process when the contractor suggests alternates or substitution materials that should be equal to the original specification, or to eliminate scope of work that would allow the project cost to lower. We will make sure the quality of construction, integrity of design, and codes are being maintained. 


Construction Administration

During the Construction phase, we provide full Construction Administration services as outlined in the standard AIA Contracts between the owner and architect.  This includes attending meetings, responding to contractor's Requests for Information (RFI), weekly site visits and subsequent Field Reports, and working with Owner or appointed Project Manager.  Our consultants will also be responsible for observing the work, providing field reports, attending relevant meetings and making recommendations where required.

CA services: 

  • RFI responses
  • Shop Drawing review
  • Project Meetings
  • Site Visits
  • Field Reports
  • Pay Application review
  • Change Order review